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  • What time does each chamber meet during the week?
    The Alabama Senate and the House meets Tuesdays & Thursdays during session. Tuesday's session begins at 1:00PM and Thursday's session begins at 9:00AM. Committee meetings usually take place on Wednesdays.
  • What meetings can I see on The Alabama Channel?
    The Alabama Channel re-livestreams and archives Alabama's legislative meetings that are streamed to Alabama's legislative website, Alison ( These include the Alabama House and Senate floor sessions and committee meetings as well as joint committee meetings. Meetings not live-streamed to Alison are currently not available through our website.
  • Where can I find the Alabama Channel?
    The Alabama Channel re-livestreams Alabama's legislative meetings through our website at, as well as through YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. *Note: the archive with the transcript level search functionality is only available through our website.
  • Will I be able to access previous meetings on the web?
    The Alabama Channel is archived and indexed on this site; just go to the Watch Meetings page.
  • How do I view live web casts of the Alabama Channel?
    To view the House and/or Senate proceedings live, go to the Watch Meetings page.
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